The hunting area of Lónya

There is a hunting area with a long history in the management of Fehérgyarmat Forestry Company, which includes the Lónya-Mátyus-Tiszakerecseny forest, rich in natural values, and its immediate surroundings, in a triangle formed by the Tisza River and the Bereg mountains. The hunting ground has gained its reputation for its conservation of the Carpathian-type red deer stock, the hunting of floodplain hermit boars, and one of the best snipe hunting opportunities in the country. In addition to the main game species, the red deer, the European fallow deer herd is also of great value. In the case of boar hunting, the guests are received in accordance with the then-current veterinary laws and the official decisions in force at any given date, mainly within the framework of individual hunting. A hunting lodge built in a quiet and romantic environment satisfies all the needs and offers comfort to the guests.

(N=48°17’46,80” E=22°17’42,90”)

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