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The options, methods and conditions of purchasing timber in the areas managed by NYÍRERDŐ Zrt.

The residents and other domestic buyers should contact the forestry company closest to them if they intend to buy firewood and industrial wood.


The contact details of NYÍRERDŐ Zrt.’s forestry companies can be found under the menu “Our Units” on the website, at the bottom of the relevant page.
In the forestry company’s centre, the prospective buyers can completely agree the characteristics of the product range the buyer wishes to buy (wood species, dimensions, quantity, price, terms of payment, place of service, date/time of service, mode of delivery) with our staff.
In case of purchase of small batches, the purchase price can be paid at the local cash register after an agreement is reached and the contract is concluded.
In the case of larger-scale purchases, the payment is made and the goods are delivered based on the terms and conditions of the contract concluded after the sales negotiations have been conducted in the centre of the competent forestry company. When the terms of payment are determined, the buyers should consider that advance payment may also be specified.

In accordance with the above principles, the Trade and Marketing Office at the Company’s headquarters concludes a contract with the foreign buyers (paying in a foreign currency), and the orders are confirmed based on the forestry companies’ preliminary statements on commitment.
Due to the increased demand, the Company sells the high-quality hardwood sawn timber (oak, black walnut, ash, bird cherry) through a tendering process – a call for tenders.
Please be informed that the annual logging plans of the forestry companies are approved through a strictly regulated procedure. It means that the annual quantities are limited, and it may occur that some product ranges are not available at certain times!
If required by the customer, it is possible to sell an FSC certified product, but a 10% surcharge will be charged in this case.
The primary uses of our products are residential heating and various agricultural purposes. We do not sell products for construction purposes, because they are not certified according to the building regulations!
We are waiting for your honourable interest and order.


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